Ultimate Bespoke

The Ultimate Bespoke - For the man who has everything. 

The ultimate bespoke is a unique cloth that has your name woven into the striping of the cloth. This is the ultimate bespoke for the man who has everything. 

The ultimate personalised pinstripe 

The technology now exists to weave one individual suit length of cloth and incorporate any name combination including Cyrillic or Arabic script. 

There is a choice of base fabrics in several shades in either a super 120's or super 150's wool. When the cloth is woven the letters are also woven into the fabric. There are 75 colours for you to select for the striping.

This fabric is very expensive to produce and to avoid any mistakes we would for new customers make up a regular suit first. This is to make sure that everything fits to the wearer's satisfaction before we make up the ultimate bespoke cloth. 

The price for a 2 piece suit would be from £3,500 which includes the initial regular suit. 

A suit like no other 

The ultimate bespoke fabric is really special because there would only ever be one suit length in the world that is uniquely yours. If this is not enough we have gone one step further. We have been working with the Huddersfield Textile Centre of Excellence who has in turn been developing a special DNA with a USA based company Applied DNA Sciences. This DNA is applied to your suit length and it is your guarantee of authenticity that your unique suit length was spun, woven and finished in Huddersfield West Yorkshire England.

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