Quality Matters

Quality Matters

Quality matters to Alexander Rose. In these difficult days when finances are being stretched it is a great temptation to buy solely on price. However, any product that includes a service element and is sold only on low prices could create problems for you and certainly will not represent value for money.

Quality is a much-maligned word and represents different values to different people. At Alexander Rose, we are passionate about quantifiable quality standards from the cloth selection, garment construction, the actual fit of the garments, the styling of the garments right down to the last button. 

We regard any garment as your investment and therefore we constantly strive to make sure that the high standards we work to are not just lip service quality but quantifiable and measurable standards.

The fabric
The fabrics we use are all 'fit for purpose' and range from solid Yorkshire worsteds through to exclusive superfine international fabrics from the world's finest mills and cloth merchants. They include Holland & Sherry, Scabal, Dormeuil Loro Piana J G Hardy etc. We discuss with you the type of garments you are looking for and advise the best fabrics for you. It could very well be that we come in below your budget if we feel that we have a fabric that would be just right for you.

Quality standard
Many tailors at the lower end of the market confuse customers by using 'quality' to describe terms as hand-cut, handmade, hand-finished etc as if this is somehow the sole benchmark on how to judge
the quality of a garment. Unfortunately outside of Savile Row, a garment made this way may not have the quantifiable standards that we offer in our garments. The difference is that our garments are cut and manufactured using world-class technology incorporating traditional methods adapted to the 21st century.

Superb fit and style
The advanced technology enables us to have a different type of measuring and fitting system. This produces garments that fit and are styled to the highest international standards.

We want our garments to be affordable and therefore our operating costs are kept as low as possible. We can, therefore, create better value for money for our customers and in turn receive repeat business and referrals from highly delighted customers.